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ALKALINA Beverages has been proud to have spent the last three years giving back to the community as a proud sponsor of many youth events Nation Wide, Community events and youth programs Nationwide.

The commitment of giving back is something we pride our self and our business model in. The ability to help children who may not have the ability to buy themselves a simple bottle of water or keep themselves hydrated while playing an active sport on the field, putting themselves in harm’s way must be addresses and we have chosen to address as many issues as we can come across by making a difference and making sure we can give back to those that are in need.

ALKALINA Beverages has also begun assisting local schools with many donations of our Premium 8.0 Water brand to ensure the athletes of today are properly hydrated and taken care. There are too many horror stories of youth and teen athletes injured during the hot summer days or even risking death for our company to sit back and not try and make a difference.

CEO - Our Experience

“As a father, and former athlete, my goal in life has always been to try and go the extra miles to help those that I know do not have anyone out there to help them or don’t have the proper resources to do so for themselves. I have spent the last 7 years of my life helping inner city youths find their way, support them financially, lead them as a mentor to place them on the right direction both Athletically and in the class room. Now, as CEO of ALKALINA ALKALINE I am able to go the extra mile and try and make more of a difference. From giving back to athletic programs, to High Schools, to community events and National Youth events, we will keep on giving back!” 

- Ele Kauderer, CEO.

Our Community

To date, ALKALINE BEVERAGES has been proud to assist:

- 2 Florida youth programs
- The Youth Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida
- Various inner-city basketball organizations
- A proud Sponsor of the prestigious Bergen Catholic HS athletic program
- A proud Sponsor of the Northern Valley Demarest Athletic Program
- The Englewood Cliffs 5K Run/Walk 2 years in a row to support their Parks & Recreation for the Children of the Community
- The NYC 5K Run for Breast Cancer
- The Coalition for the Homeless, New York NY
- Proud Sponsor for The Prestigious NFL Pro-Bowl Staff & NFL Youth Program during the 2017 NFL Pro-Bowl in Orlando, FL.

Coming soon: A new outreach program with the Isle of Bermuda to assist with the distribution of water due to the lack of bottled