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PH 8.0



ALKALINA ALKALINE pH 8.0 waters naturally hydrate, clear toxins and fortify your body against illness.

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ALKALINA ALKALINE pH 8.0 waters naturally hydrate, clear toxins and fortify your body against illness.

Filtered naturally over thousands of years, bottled on site in contamination-free glass containers, ALKALINA ALKALINE pH 8.0 waters are likely to be the cleanest and best tasting you’ll ever encounter.

Our ALKALINA ALKALINE 8.0 Natural High pH water is arguably the best water in the world. The water certification, performed by an independent laboratory provides proof positive of the rareness of our water. It stands alone.

Imagine Alkaline water that is so pure, so fresh and so clean that it remains untouched by humans until at such time it gets harvested and bottled. That is what ALKALINA ALKALINE Waters are all about. Artesian, High 8.0 pH water like none you have ever tasted.

Be healthy

with Alklaina Alkaine High pH


ALKALINA ALKALINE water could be an important part of a body detoxification regimen by providing hydration. Studies show that ALKALINA ALKALINE water better than plain water, and hydration is exactly what the body needs if it is to flush toxins. ALKALINA ALKALINE water can also help with improving the pH balance in the gut. The pH balance in your gut is all important if you are to detoxify your body, because bacteria in your gut will make toxins if the pH in your gut is too low. When this happens, the body is poisoning itself.


ALKALINA ALKALINE pH 8.0 waters  is more readily absorbed by our body. The ionization of our water improves the absorption of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium by our bodies. Our bodies need to be properly hydrated to function and digest optimally.


ALKALINA ALKALINE High pH water is a natural antioxidant. Its chemical makeup gives our bodies the opportunity to neutralize and block free-radical damage to the body by converting harmful acidic free radicals into oxygen which our body can use for more efficient energy production and oxygenation of body tissue.


Enhance your body's natural ability to fight off disease and heal itself. High pH water helps our bodies naturally enhance their immune system. High pH environments create the perfect 2 punch combination to preventing illness.