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PH 8.0


ALKALINA ALKALINE pH 8.0 waters naturally hydrate, clear toxins and fortify your body against illness.

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Water Source

ALKALINA ALKALINE pH 8.0 waters naturally hydrate, clear toxins and fortify your body against illness.

Filtered naturally over thousands of years, bottled on site, ALKALINA ALKALINE pH 8.0 waters are likely to be the cleanest and best tasting you’ll ever encounter.

Our ALKALINA ALKALINE 8.0 Natural High pH water is arguably the best water in the world. The water certification, performed by an independent laboratory provides proof positive of the rareness of our water. It stands alone. 

Imagine Alkaline water that is so pure, so fresh and so clean that it remains untouched by humans until at such time it gets harvested and bottled. That is what ALKALINA ALKALINE Waters are all about. Artesian, High 8.0 pH water like none you have ever tasted.


Nature produces the best natural alkaline water. Our water varieties come from single sources, another rarity among bottlers.

Geologists estimate that nature took 3,500 years to filter ALKALINA ALKALINE 8.0 Natural High pH alkaline spring water, which we bottle at its source from a high-altitude aquifer 1,450 feet underground. We’re careful to protect the purity of that special aquifer; our bottling process is the only commercial activity allowed in the surrounding 2,000-acre forest.

Our ALKALINA ALKALINE 8.0 Natural High pH Artesian water is drawn from deeply buried, pristine aquifers, affected only by millennia of natural filtration, and bottled at a high altitude.

With monthly health department tests, annual tests by the National Sanitation Foundation and periodic independent tests, we further ensure the purity of our product, making sure it far exceeds the requirements of tap water, mechanically filtered water and most bottled water.

Our Company

The founders of ALKALINA ALKALINE has more than 5 years in the water industry. ALKALINA ALKALINE born with the idea to improve a better world with a mentality to support a healthy and balanced life. We are not only a water company, we are a healthy lifestyle lovers!

Our Soul

We take it a step further to ensure consumers only see the most fresh, clean and pure product. Our bottling process is proven and successful and will not impart any flavor - ensuring the purity of our ALKALINA ALKALINE pH 8.0 Waters.

When you drink ALKALINA ALKALINE pH 8.0 Water, it’s as fresh, clear and pure as the day it was pulled from the source.